Talk about anything without looking over your shoulder

No phone number at sign-up.
Total privacy and anonymity.
Fully decentralized integrated wallet.

Truly anonymous messenger

We don’t ask for your phone number or email at sign-up.

Husher is fully decentralized and permissionless.

Transparent code

Messaging app based on Signal — the most trusted,
open-source secure chat.

The sign-up and wallet are based on proprietary Nimera Blockchain.

We don’t collect any user data

We use the most cutting-edge encryption to protect your privacy.

All communication is peer-to-peer. We don’t store any user data on our servers.

Why Husher?

Any Format

Send media files, messages, pictures, or make video calls.

Self-destructing messages

Set a timer and your correspondence automatically deletes itself. No traces left.

Convenient group chats

Create groups with the same, unmatched level of privacy and security.

Securely hold, send and receive over 30 digital currencies.

Export the seed phrase and access your wallet directly from a node in Nimera Blockchain.

Fully decentralized integrated wallet