Where To Spend Crypto Online: 2020 Guide

Looking for a place to spend your crypto online? Look no further! We have collected some of the most popular websites that are ready to accept your Bitcoins!
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Most people think that crypto is just a high-risk investment. But that isn’t true anymore. Today, you can actually buy stuff with cryptocurrencies and use them as a replacement for traditional money. So, we have collected a list of popular websites where you can spend crypto.

Where Can You Spend Crypto: An Overview

We’ve looked far and wide to give you a comprehensive list of platforms that accept cryptocurrencies. As you will see, there are a lot of platforms that are ready to take your coins. For the sake of simplicity, we divided this article into categories:

We will look into each of these categories and give you the most popular websites that will take your crypto. 

Let’s jump right in!

How To Buy Goods With Crypto

First, let’s have a look at some stores that allow you to pay with bitcoins. The list is incomplete, but it might be very helpful if you want to spend some crypto but don’t know where to start.


This giant online store was one of the first major retailers to accept Bitcoin payments. They turned crypto-friendly back in 2014. Overstock sells surplus merchandise of various kinds. You can buy furniture, kitchen appliances, clothes, home goods, pet supplies, jewelry, electronic devices, beauty products, and more. It’s one of the best places where you can spend cryptocurrency and get great deals.


Forra seeks to become an Amazon-like marketplace with crypto payments. Here you can buy and sell different items. They plan to create the cheapest online marketplace ever and ‘to bridge the gap between physical goods and digital currencies’. Forra plans to launch in-house ERC20  tokens that buyers and sellers will earn after making a transaction. Users will be able to exchange these tokens for goods and other things of value.

Open Sea homepage displays digital art for sale.
Open Sea marketplace: digital art for sale.Open sea

This is a peer-to-peer marketplace for ‘intangible’ things.  Like digital art, collectibles, trading cards, badges. You can also buy game pets like CryptoKitties or Ethermon and Hyper Dragons. A great place for crypto geeks!

How To Buy Electronics With Crypto


Want to spend your bitcoins on a new PC or upgrade your old one? Go to the Newegg.com. This website offers computers, electronic components, games, and software. Also, — quite unexpectedly — you will find kitchen utensils, home decor, sports nutrition, and toys.


Come here to spend your cryptocurrency on something electronic. FastTech sells computers and components, Android and Apple accessories, e-cigarettes, cameras, LED toys, microscopes, novelty gadgets and more.


Here, you can use your bitcoins to buy software, tablets, phones and other things compatible with Windows OS.


The store sells “the best hi-end headphone brands”. These include Sennheiser, Audeze, Focal, Campfire Audio, MrSpeakers, Chord, and others. A good chance to exchange your crypto for an excellent sound.

A crypto commerce website shows a photo of a sold Lamborghini.
BitCars website is where you can spend your bitcoins on Lamborghini, the iconic supercar.

Where To Spend Crypto On Luxury

If you are a millionaire, you can buy a lot of luxury stuff with your digital funds. How about some physical bitcoins made of silver and gold? Or designer handbags, elegant watches, handmade jewelry, and real estate. And, of course, you can buy yourself a Lambo on the BitCars website.

Virgin Galactic spaceship surrounded by a crowd of celebrating people
Virgin Galactic website is ready to send you to the sub-orbit if you have enough bitcoins to reserve a trip.

Buying luxury stuff with crypto is tempting. But buying more crypto and waiting for it to hit the moon can be even more exciting.

If this is your philosophy, but you don’t know where to start, check out our guide on how to create you first crypto portfolio.

How To Spend Crypto On Traveling

You are a frequent traveler and a hodler in one person? Here is a list of websites where you can use your crypto to pay for flights, hotel rooms, rented cars, and more.

The main page of the CryptoKitties website, showing how you can use your cryptocurrency for upgrading digital cats.

How To Spend Crypto On Games

The main page of the CryptoKitties website, showing how you can use your cryptocurrency for upgrading digital cats.

A funny way to spend your cryptocurrency would be to play blockchain-powered games. For instance, you can breed a unique CryptoKittie, or a HashPuppy.

Check Zynga website for more game options.

How To Buy Food And Drinks With Crypto

Where can you use cryptocurrency for ordering food? Here are some delivery sites that might be interesting:

Arrowhead Beef

grass-fed beef right from a farm, perfect for those who love a good steak and hold some BTC.


This Amsterdam-based company operates many food delivery websites. And some of accept Bitcoin Cash. Check the payment options in your location.


If you happen to be in Seoul, South Korea, these guys are ready to deliver you any kind of food for BCH. This includes Mexican, Italian, Asian and American cuisine.

Papa John’s Pizza

The pizza of this brand has become a meme, therefore it’s natural that some branches of the Papa John’s chain accept BTC. It is reported that you can order pizza for bitcoins at Domino Pizza and Pizza Hut websites, too.

But keep in mind that the availability of the services and cryptocurrency payment options may depend on your location. Some countries are more friendly to digital money users than others.

Gift cards selection that can be purchased with crypto are shown on the homepage of a website
Gift cards of major retailers and marketplaces offered at eGifter website.

How To Purchase Gift Cards With Crypto

Gift cards may be very useful as you can later exchange them for goods you want. If your favorite retailer does not accept cryptocurrency (a typical situation), you can visit a website like eGifter.com or Gyft.com. They offer a wide variety of gift cards or such retailers as Amazon, Apple, Macy’s, Walmart, Uber, Adidas, Nike and more.

You can get almost everything in this way — from a hotel room to a gadget. Find the card you need, pay for it with BTC and apply it on the website it belongs to.

How To Help Others With Crypto

Do you want to spend your cryptocurrencies on a good cause?  There are quite a few charity organizations that accept crypto. Here are some of them.

Save the Children

A big charity organization that has been helping kids for 100 years, is ready to accept donations in bitcoins. Share your crypto with them to give poor children a healthy start in life and transform their future.

The Water Project

Your cryptocurrency gift is needed here to help provide people in dry regions with clear, safe and reliable water.  Donate your extra money to make sure less fortunate get the basic necessities.

Omni Nano

Help train a new generation of skilled workers and engineers. Omni Nano foundation spends donations on science education that will allow young people to get a better job later.

Human Rights Foundation

The first human right organization that only accepts Bitcoin. They use cryptocurrency donations to promote human rights worldwide and prevent their violation.

You can also donate your digital money, using a charity platform. A special website that aggregates many projects, providing them with a wallet and promotion. The biggest charity aggregators are Pineapple fund, Fidelity Charitable. Of course, we must mention Binance Charity, started by the famous Chinese exchange. Donation of your bitcoins to charity is a good option for those who don’t want their gift to be taxed. For instance, in the US converting cryptocurrency into fiat is a taxable event. It means, less money will reach the charity cause.

Spending Cryptocurrency Online: Useful Tools

We collected some tools that might be useful for those who like online shopping and prefer paying with crypto.


This extension for Chrome allows you to add products to your cart directly from the Amazon website — and get a discount (up to 33%!) if paying with BTC. As we know, Amazon itself still stays away from cryptocurrency but it features a huge variety of merchandise.


This site lets you easily discover the products and deals you need in the online stores that accept cryptocurrency. Type the name of the item you seek on their main page and get the search results — just like you do in Google.


One of the most valuable resources that should always be at hand. The interactive map helps you discover all nearby merchants that accept crypto. If you are a business owner yourself, you can get add your company to the map free of charge.


As you see, today there are a lot of platforms that will be happy to relieve you of your Bitcoins. Some people are already paying for a lot of their daily needs with crypto. However, we hope that it’s just the beginning and soon crypto payments will become even more popular!

Want to read more about cryptocurrency? Consider checking out our ETC vs ETH guide to learn more about Ethereum Classic. Alternatively, read our comprehensive guide about cryptocurrency trading for beginners.

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