EON Liquidity Optimization Update

On the upcoming Wednesday, April 28th, we are going to roll out an optimization update for Multibroker and Swap that will narrow the list of EON pairs and keep all EON liquidity in one pair on each platform.
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In anticipation of the rapidly approaching release of NION —  the new Nimera’s native token — we are concentrating all EON liquidity in one trading pair on the Multibroker platform, and one identical pair on Nimera Swap — BTC/EON

The update will be rolled out on Wednesday, April 28th. Make sure to cancel the orders made for the affected pairs, otherwise they will be removed automatically on the 28th. 

The following pairs will be delisted:









We’re taking this measure to achieve better optimization for EON and make it more convenient for users to have all the volume in one place. We are super excited about the upcoming release of NION, which is just around the corner. We will keep you updated on the transition process through our social media. Stay tuned!

With the release of NION, we will increase the number of available pairs right back, and, most importantly, unleash NION trading on other external exchanges

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