NION Goes Live - Here Is How You Can Swap It

Today the long-awaited update goes live — the release of our brand new NION token. Read this article for instructions on how to swap your EONs to NIONs.
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The last few months have been full of intense preparation for the Nimera team. At the end of 2020, the community voted for the new token name, and now, after months of hard work, we are proud to officially launch our new token — NION.

When we were working on the token concept overhaul the team was mostly focused on bringing NION real value and achieving its maximum utility. The goal was not just to change the name, but to develop a truly usable instrument for the Nimera ecosystem, and the blockchain industry beyond.

“NION is a fundamentally new concept of what a token is. In ETH, BTC, and several other blockchains, you pay tokens to use tokens. It’s an unstable, unsustainable mechanic. We aim to change that.

In Nimera Blockchain, a network consumer can buy some 150 NION and cover all future transaction costs, since owning NION essentially means owning part of the network’s capacity and using its services for free, forever,” — says Andrew Zimine, founder of Nimera. 

“This also solves the issue of transaction volatility, since transaction costs are not related to token price, bringing much-needed stability to businesses operating on the network. At the same time, network usage is much cheaper for regular consumers, making it more ready for wide adoption,” Zimine adds.

NION launch marks the new era for Nimera, being the first in a line of many upcoming long-awaited updates, such as listings external exchange and trackers, the upcoming launch of Nimera Blockchain testnet, and more!

How to swap EON to NION

EON-NION exchange opens at 13:00 UTC time

Below are instructions on how to swap your EONs to NIONs:

  1. Log into your Channels wallet
  2. Open the Dashboard or Wallets tab. There you will see an Exchange menu.
  3. Select EON as your currency to Exchange and NION as your currency to Receive
  4. Press the “Exchange” button and swap tokens with zero commission
  5. You can now find your NIONs in the Wallets tab, from where you can send them to your Mutibroker wallet. 

If you have any questions or need help, please, feel free to contact the team on the official Discord server.

And, as usual, stay tuned for updates — we’ve got lots of news, overviews, and infographics about the advantages of the Nimera Blockchain ecosystem lined up for you! 😉

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