Multibroker Receives a Huge Update

We are proud to present a huge update for Multibroker that will make onboarding significantly easier for the new users and will be the last step before the release of new exchange connections and pairs.
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In anticipation of the upcoming addition of external exchanges and the full-scale release of Multibroker, we are excited to present a huge update that will make the registration and general user experience much better for the new and existing users.

KYC is going away

We have removed KYC from Multibroker entirely. Now new traders can sign up and start trading without the headache of mandatory phone number or document checks — new registration is as simple as setting up a password, choosing a login, and confirming email. That's it, you are ready to trade!

Multibroker and Exscudo Exchange are separating

Multibroker and Swap are now available exclusively on, while the old interface and exchange core will continue to operate on the old URL — Fiat pairs have moved to Exscudo Exchange and on Multibroker they were replaced with their colored coin alternatives. Note that you can't access Multibroker with your old Exscudo account, but you can migrate your account in just a few clicks. Visit for details and follow on-screen instructions.

The interface is transforming

We've gone ahead and done a full-scale redesign, including a new color scheme, new navigation, settings, new profile pages, and more. We've also added an interface tour to guide new traders through the exchange interface and make the onboarding more user-friendly.

We're super excited to present this update! What is the next step then? Connecting new exchanges and creating the most comprehensive list of trading pairs on the crypto market! 

As always, let us know what you think about the update in our Discord server. If you need any help migrating your account or figuring out the ins and outs of the new interface, make sure to get in touch with our support team in the dedicated support chat.

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