Introducing Nimera DeFi SWAP

Today, we are excited to announce a new product — The Swap. With DeFi generating so much buzz, we just could not stand aside. Introducing The Swap, our very own DeFi Swapper.
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DeFi is the new buzzword in crypto. Just three months ago DeFi’s market value was around $2 Billion. Today, over $11 Billion is locked in DeFi, and the evaluation keeps growing. In Nimera, there is no way we would miss an opportunity to enter this growing market.

Introducing our new product — The SWAP

The SWAP lets users swap tokens — just like with any other exchange — but with a unique pricing mechanic. The amount of tokens relative to each other in a pair determines the price. What’s more, users can participate in liquidity mining — deposit tokens to The SWAP and earn a commission every time a trader makes a transaction with a pair you support.

It is an easier way to trade or “stake” coins with potentially higher returns.

The Swap main user interface
Our Swap’s interface is clean and streamlined for a pleasant swapping experience.

What makes The SWAP stand out

The Swap will release this fall as part of the Multibroker platform. Keep track of our news to learn more.

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